About Mergeculture Gallery

Mergeculture was conceptualized in 1996, while the director of the gallery was still in high school. It started with a series of exploratory writings about the influence of subculture, counterculture, and how these ways of life play an integral part in human evolution, the director labeled these writings “merge culture.” As the human experience is based on both differences and common ground. Through the observance of subcultures and countercultures and being immersed in these environments at a young age, the director of the gallery explored the ways in which these lifestyles play a role in social identification, and was particularly interested in the way people came together in a loving way to celebrate subcultural ideas and counterculture.

Growing up around freight trains, custom cars, graffiti, hip hop, skateboarding, music production, in the unique environment of the Chicago and Detroit warehouse rave and house music revolution, while being exposed to both country and city life – this experience gave the director a broad perspective on the interconnectedness of art in the world, and how art is the basis for nearly every interaction in our material world. The director began writing about the connection between the expression of individuality, social identification, and competition. The writings crossed into the examination of human evolution, researching hieroglyphics, the origins of all written languages, and many other subjects spanning from anthropology to art history. These writings were kept in a lifetime journal and are part of the Mergeculture Research Archive which is now owned by Ame Art Consulting, a global arts research and management firm. The writings connect the dots between significant events in counter-culture, which showed a repeating pattern over the course of nearly 20 years: Such as the case of the east coast vs west coast, and even southern contention so amplified in the source awards of 1995, that eventually led to the death of Tupac Shakur, and Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G.). These writings also include the observations within the culture and history of graffiti, the custom car movement, and how self-expression, and self-identification evolved in human nature through a competitive mindset that is all-pervasive throughout all of nature.

Mergeculture’s services include artwork placement in indoor and outdoor spaces, and curation consulting for municipalities and private entities.

Mergeculture’s collections are archived and managed by Ame Art Consulting, a global art collection management and research agency.

Mergeculture’s art research revolves around the interconnection between aesthetic value, cultural relevancy, and historical value, and how social identification plays a role in the monetary value of art. This research extends to the NFT and crypto spaces and digital artwork as well.

Mergeculture is a global resource for the following services:
Curatorial services: Curation is story-telling based on the truth and history and the importance of relationships between material things and conceptual thinking. This service extends to consulting.

Noteable community services indclude:

Artist Consulting

  • digital marketing evaluations and inclusive services for artists and art industry members*
  • consulting servics for artists*
  • copy writing and design services for artists and arts institutions*
  • collection management

Conceptual art placement services**

  • global placement for private and public development
  • municipality research, public and private art ordinance consulting
  • consulting on copy writing for city ordinances in public art based on 25 years of research in cultural identitity and art
  • global culturally-relevent art placement
  • museum exhibits

*services in collaboration with CLRTY AGENCY
**sercies in collaboration with Ame Art Consulting