Donation links to Help with Police Brutality Protests

People need help with bail and legal funds, as well as the families of the victims. Here is a list of places you can donate: This is the Tampa Fund for protesters: Filmaker Matthew A. Cherry has provided these resources for other cities. And there is also this GITHUB page with an extensive list. Thread […]

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Invader places Star Wars Mosiac Street Art Pieces in Djerba

A few days ago, famous street artist Invader announced a few new pieces in Djerba, at locations where the first Star Wars movie was filmed. On Instagram View this post on Instagram In 1976 G. Lucas went to Djerba to shoot two scenes of the first Star Wars movie. One of them was the house […]

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How to Buy Art? Buy Art Worth Something.

Galleries are open doors to a simple transaction, or an art collecting journey, but sadly, most art is bought from department stores. We will be hosting workshops on how to start a collection, but the purpose of this article is to just touch on how a simple art purchase can transition any art buyer into […]

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Legends of graffiti show work in Ybor City on customized shoes

Art in Ybor City There aren’t many visual art galleries in Ybor City any longer, aside from AIA on 7th and Silver Meteor Gallery (a performing arts space). However, Ybor City used to show some incredible heavy hitting exhibits when Red Letter 1 was on 8th Avenue, and subsequently 15th street. At that time Jeremy […]

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Illsol Space is now Mergeculture Gallery

Illsol Space changes its name, and direction. Now mergeculture, we look to the future. Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol spent much of 2017 learning the gallery businesses. Building a collector base and refining their ideas for art shows in the Tampa Bay area. In January of 2018, they decided to separate the gallery businesses from […]

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