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Ancient Roots Art Opening in Tampa

Ancient Roots opens May 19th Art influenced by African fashion, traditional African masks, and the natural beauty of our world… with the objective to target social issues and represent black culture through mixed media, and digital paintings on canvas…. An art exhibit featuring new work by: Melvin Halsey Jr. (Tampa, FL) Christopher Clark (Cooli Ras […]

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Unsheathed – Photorealism – Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and Scrimshaw

Never Before Exhibited work of Chris Clark Visual Artist: Chris Clark (Tampa, FL) Medium: Scrimshaw (photo realism) Oil Painting (photo realism) Acrylic (photo realism) There are some unknowns in the art world. Your neighbor could be spending time in a backyard studio creating some incredibly fine-tuned, sharply rendered oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and scrimshaw pieces. […]

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Illsol Space is now Mergeculture Gallery

Illsol Space changes its name, and direction. Now mergeculture, we look to the future. Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol spent much of 2017 learning the gallery businesses. Building a collector base and refining their ideas for art shows in the Tampa Bay area. In January of 2018, they decided to separate the gallery businesses from […]

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