Category: acrylic paintings

Ame Art Consulting & Mergeculture Gallery team up with Hotel Haya and Giroux Projects

Ame Art Consulting and Mergeculture Gallery at Hotel Haya We kick off our partnership with Hotel Haya in Ybor City with global art consulting firm Ame Art Consulting in September with a survey of work by artist Jay Giroux. The collection of Jay’s work comes full circle, as a prominent artist who studied under Tampa […]

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Unsheathed – Photorealism – Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and Scrimshaw

Never Before Exhibited work of Chris Clark Visual Artist: Chris Clark (Tampa, FL) Medium: Scrimshaw (photo realism) Oil Painting (photo realism) Acrylic (photo realism) There are some unknowns in the art world. Your neighbor could be spending time in a backyard studio creating some incredibly fine-tuned, sharply rendered oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and scrimshaw pieces. […]

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