Get it Together

Our debut show featuring 23 artists, mostly from Tampa and St. Pete with a few exceptions.

We opened the doors on Friday, March 24th at 6pm, while we are still getting it all together.

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Cory Robinson (Tampa Bay)
Sarah Guiffrida (Tampa Bay)
Phil Holt (Tampa Bay Redletter1 Tattoo)
Brian Butler (Miami)
Dave Rau (San Francisco)
Carlos Pons (Tampa Bay)
Chad Mize (St. Petersburg)
Perry Devick (St. Petersburg)
Jay Giroux (Tampa Bay)
Noah Deledda (Tampa Bay)
Tes One (Tampa Bay)
Chris Clark (Tampa Bay)
Chad Cardoza (Tampa Bay)
Tony Krol (Tampa Bay)
Yvonne Ferguson (Gainesville)
Allen Hampton (St. Petersburg)
Cam Parker (Tampa Bay)
Adam Dunning (Tampa Bay)
Bekky Beukes (Tampa Bay)
Michelle Sawyer (Tampa Bay)
Jujmo (Tampa Bay)
Chris Parks (St. Petersburg)
Matt Callahan (Tampa Bay)

View work from “Get it Together”

PaleHorse – Ride or Die I

PaleHorse – Ride or Die II

Noah Deledda – Coursive

Chad Mize – New Pelican

Tony Krol – What You Love Will Protect You

Jay Giroux – After the Laughter

Carlos Pons Paz – Guipo en Desfagre

Carlos Pons Paz – Handmade Dolls

Chad Cardoza – Vision of the 80s

Cam Parker – I’m not a fool, I just want some respect

Perry deVick – Dolly Zombie

Perry deVick – Kat Dracula

Perry deVick – Meg Dusa

Matt Callahan – Get Together

Dave Rau – Untitled 1

Dave Rau – Untitled 2

Dave Rau – Untitled 3

Allen Leper Hampton – This isn’t art, I could do this.

Jujmo – Kindom of Jujmo

Michelle Sawyer – When All Your Hoping, Wishing and Praying Leaves You Empty Handed

Brian Butler – Shark Obstacle

Yvonne Ferguson – dreGOD

Yvonne Ferguson – cudiGOD

Chris Clark – Grandma

sold (no store item)

Brian Butler – Tiger Obstacle

Bekky Beukes – Debris

Phil Holt – 8 Steps

Sarah Guiffrida – Peony Study #2

Adam Dunning – Progress & Patterns

Tes One – Mesio

Tes One – Fire Escape