Get it Together Opening

Great things don’t come easy…

Our debut event took place on March 24, 2017 from 6pm 7pm-11pm.

We sent out an invitation for our first event on March 4th, we ended up with 23 artists in varying mediums. Most of the month of March was spent painting our space white, building benches, taping drywall, building platforms and just getting the space ready for use, so we thought to call our first show “Get it Together.”

The morning of the event Tony changed the lights in the main gallery space and they didn’t come back on for the show (discovered later there was faulty three-way switch.) We received the last piece of artwork about two hours before the opening of the show (it was an incredible piece), and due to the lights being off and troubleshooting that situation the day of the event, a lot of the work wasn’t hung for the opening.

When you ask the best artists around you to submit work for an opening, the last thing you want is to not have the work hung on the wall, but at around 5:30pm on March 24th, fully stressed about no lights and things not at 100%, we had to make the decision. Do we cancel the show? Or move forward… Dj Wally Clark was ready to roll, and we decided we should just go ahead and have a great time. We had fantastic music and amazing artwork to view, so the show went on.

With work lights plugged in on extension cords we lit the work that was hung, and we continued to hang the remaining work throughout the night. Our guests had a great time and the response was overwhelmingly positive. So on to the next, we continue with everything “all together”…