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Marcel P Black – “The Non-Traditional Conscious Emcee” Plays at Mergeculture

Marcel P Black “The Non-Traditional Conscious Emcee” performs at Mergeculture Gallery. Saturday 11.13 “From the pulpits and street corners of Ardmore, OK comes Bryan Marcel Williams I aka Marcel P. Black (the emcee). Once a member of an underground hip hop collective, Black ventured out into solo territories and has been on a steady mission […]

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Bloom Art Walk – Gold Friday – Friday November 26th

Bloom Art Walk returns on November 26th. Community is stronger when we celebrate inspiration, it’s like polished gold, each particle shining bright. We are celebrating Gold Friday on the South Block of North Franklin because as we really examine the previous traditions of the day after what some people refer to as “Thanksgiving” we can […]

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Happy Birthday J-Dilla

Happy Birthday J-Dilla February 7th, 1974 Today would have been Dilla’s 47th birthday. “Dubbed The Godfather of lo-fi Hip Hop” – Dilla changed the world, and influenced so many. Dilla’s work transcended subcultures primarily with the drop of The Pharcyde’s Labcabincalifornia, which Dilla produced seven tracks. The song Drop was featured on the skateboarding video […]

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