Ancient Roots – 5•19•2018

Artists: Christopher Clark & Melvin Halsey Jr. (Langstn) are Featured in Ancient Roots

Ancient Roots features the artwork of Christopher Clark and New Roots Art Collective Founder and Artist: Melvin Halsey Jr. (Langstn).

About Christopher Clark: b. 1987 USA Jacksonville, Fl US

I don’t want my art to just be seen, I want it to be experienced. My focus is to successfully convey a message or feeling through the images, colors, and brushstrokes in my work. I like to speak from my personal life experiences from my perspective as a young black male in America. My aim is to explore social issues, culture, and history of the black community in the diaspora and abroad. My style is more graphic than realistic. I believe this makes the work easier for younger audiences to digest and also so that the viewer is focusing more on the content rather than just what the piece looks like. Reflecting the human figure is very powerful to me, which is why I choose to tell my stories through portraiture and figurative works. I want to create art that that the viewer connects with on a personal level. I want them to be able to see themselves, their friends, and their family in my work. By telling my story I want to help the viewer rediscover theirs.

About Langstn: b. 1992 USA Tampa, Fl

As an artist, my work exists to spread a message of power, perseverance, and pride. I take the viewer along with me on a journey through my heritage while navigating today’s modern social landscape.

Cultural touchstones from West Africa embrace our nation and the global fight for activism without fear. A significant component of that message is in support of love and beauty.

Representing the African American community is essential for my works. Social commentary and the tumultuous times shaping our lives shine through my work, which I embrace. I also include my own experience and artist influences from the cyberpunk, street fashion, and anime genres.

That collision results in an attuned and precise message, which reflects my personality.

My formal exhibiting career started in May of 2018, where my work was first presented at galleries. Prior to that, my artwork was reserved for social media. That primed me for channeling my creativity into pieces that would emotively and empathetically engage with modern viewers in a general setting.

Bringing that energy into the fine art realm gives me the opportunity to leverage that engagement, shaping it to a more refined and authoritative audience.

As I continue to find my place as an artist within our existing paradigm, I am biased towards minority outreach in society, with a pension toward supporting other young artists— giving a voice to the unheard.

Ancient Roots was a nearly sold-out exhibit with only three pieces remaining from the show. Check out the recap of Ancient Roots:

Video – Shot and Edited by MMS Visuals – Michael M. Sinclair Photography