Mergeculture Gallery heads curation for Mural School – A Tampa Walls Partnership

Learn how to paint murals with Mural School! This is a Tampa Walls! program affiliated with WorldWide Walls! Mural School is a Creative Placemaking project in partnership with CLRTY Agency, Mergeculture Gallery, Tampa Walls, and many Bay Area non-profits. The program focuses on these main categories in the CLRTY value system: Cultural Programming, Community Engagement, Creative Economy Development, and Social Impact and Equity.


Mural School is a partnership program with Mergeculture Gallery, Tampa Walls and many Tampa Bay area non-profit organizations, as well as the friends and family of Matt Callahan, a well-known artist in the Tampa Art Community who tragically lost his life in 2018. Matt was a treasure to the art community: always willing to share his personal wealth of knowledge and helpful techniques. In 2022 the friends and family of Matt Callahan partnered with Mergeculture Gallery and Tampa Walls to launch Mural School – a program to give back to local communities through knowledge sharing and art programs. All proceeds collected from Mergeculture (such as “tuition fees”) from Mural School go back into art programs that strengthen communities throughout Hillsborough County.

Partnerships with Tampa area non-profits: We believe that more collaboration leads to stronger communities, so we’ve partnered with the following non-profit organizations for this program.

Tampa Art Alliance – A shared vision brought Mural School to life.
Tampa Regional Artists – fiscal sponsor for Mural School murals from April 2023 – September 2023
Central City YMCA Program Sponsor and Wall Donation – July 17-21st
Tampa Foundation – Partner for mural projects in December 2023

Each Mural School project is unique, but mainly the program will take participants on a journey through the history of mural painting and graffiti art styles, techniques that are used by artists today, how major art movements have contributed to outdoor art, and the benefits of public art in communities. Understanding cultural assets and quality of life through outreach and education is the foundation of this program.

Intro to Mural School:
Art History: From Ancient art, The Renaissance, Dadaism, the American Graffiti movement and modern “street art” – learn how humans have used pigment throughout history to explore their environments. Recieve a brief introduction how historical techniques have evolved with technology today to transfer artwork from small to large scale.

Some Key points in this intro course will be broken into two parts – cultural relevancy and techniques:

Cultural Relevancy
64,000 years of art history – from cave drawings, American Graffiti to Street Art – how did we get here?
Why public art improves a space: The science of colors, energy, and matter in this “Creative Universe”
Intro to cultural assets – how art creates a positive “collective identity.”


  • Learn all about grids
  • helpful techniques in “freehanding”
  • how to use technology to help with mural creation
  • R.O.N.E.‘s doodle grid technique
  • all about projectors

Hands-on Experience

  • Safety, Equipment, and Logistics
  • Rolling paint and textures
  • Stencils, Tape, and Tools

All about Aerosol

  • Caps, Types of Paint, Can Control, and more
  • Brushes & Blending

Learn how to paint murals with Mural School by signing up here: (Notice, there is no Mural School Project Scheduled at this Time, so please join our mailing list to be notified for the next one.) Book your Mural School Course.

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